Current: time, flow, electric… movement

Songs in the Current

Songs in the Current

These are songs of frustration and disruption Songs of a current culture that is stuck. Government can’t fix it. More jobs won’t fix it. Reform won’t change it.

These songs were written to give voice to what my eyes have seen and my heart has felt in recent years. Over the last decade I have been exposed to people and their stories that have revealed the soul-destroying nature of our systems of finance and government, education and agriculture. Quicksand everywhere.

No laws or legislation can give us the hand we need to pull us out. Only a fundamental shift in consciousness can do that—consciousness that starts with love at the center and builds structures outward from there.


["Running Blind"] sets a firm foundation for a disc that expresses Buffett’s dismay on the world’s outlook...

...Buffett turns his sights on solutions to a divided populous that focus on the power of shared love.

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

What we’re really looking for is a new story — a story
 to live in to. Not old stories to live out of.

  • Coming Around Again

    Personal observation

  • joy ride

    Interpersonal observation

  • Running Blind

    Behavioral observation

  • Imaginary Kingdom

    Structural observation

  • All the Noise

    Psychological observation

  • Cherry Blossom

    Supernatural observation

  • already flown

    Declaration of independence

  • woodstock

    Declaration of independence

  • room enough

    Invitation number one

  • last call

    Invitation number two

  • how would you know?

    The way it is

  • open hearted hand

    The way it could be

  • we can find the daylight

    Starting now


All songs written by Peter Buffett (GrampyRays Music BMI)
except “Woodstock” written by Joni Mitchell
(Sony/ATV Tunes LLC O/B/O Siquomb Publishing).

All songs recorded and mixed by Peter Buffett except where noted

Mastered by: Carlos Anthony Molina
at White Light Studios

Coming Around Again

Running Blind

All the Noise

Bass: Sara Lee

Drums: Jeff Mercel

Guitars: Carlos Anthony Molina

Piano: Peter Buffett

String arrangements:

Jane Scarpantoni

Cello: Jane Scarpantoni

Viola: David Gold

Violin: Justin Smith

Violin: Amy Kimball

Recorded by:

Bella Blasko with

Carlos Anthony Molina

Imaginary Kingdom

Last Call

We Can Find The Daylight

Bass: Carlos Anthony Molina

Drums: Jeff Mercel

Guitars: Carlos Anthony Molina

Recorded by:

Bella Blasko
with Carlos Anthony Molina

Solo Guitar:

(Imaginary Kingdom &

We Can Find the Daylight)

Michael Greenberg

Additional Vocals:

Amber Rubarth

(Open Hearted Hand)

Jennifer Buffett

(We Can Find the Daylight)