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From Tom Terrific to Peabody and Sherman, I’ve always been a fan of buddy cartoons. I wrote the scripts for the two of us and Michael knew the perfect animator in John Treadwell.

Episode 1: What’s My Purpose?

Introducing..... Cello Dog and Mr. B!! After circling the globe, these two friends have found that not only is home where the heart is... but your heart is where your home is.

Episode 2: Where’s My Path?

In episode 2 Mr. B wonders why things can't be better for more people.

Episode 3: The Knowing Tree

In episode 3 Mr. B learns that everything we think is true today was once just an idea...

Episode 4: Tied Up And Tied Down

In this episode Mr. B wonders why busy-ness people look like they're tied to their job.

Episode 5: Things Out Of Balance

In this episode Mr. B asks, "Aren't we all in this together?"

Episode 6: Two Dollars A Day?

In this episode Mr. B wonders why we can't get more out of life with less.

Episode 7: Full Stomach, Empty Soul

In this episode, Mr. B learns that some of us are hungry for the wrong things.

Episode 8: Feeling Or Fact?

In this episode Mr. B asks a very difficult question. What is the difference between a fact and a feeling?

Episode 9: Time Will Tell

In this episode Mr. B is reminded to take the long view.

Episode 10: Season Finale!

In the season finale Cello Dog turns the tables...